Dearly Beloved in Christ,
Let us praise God for this spring season.Spring is an amazing season that reminds us of some important things for life. One thing we can see is the beauty of God’s creation through the
wonderful and vibrant colors of the flowers blooming and it brings us such joy to understand
God’s creation so detailed in such a way we can understand God’s love for us to enjoy the beauty
of this world that we live in. The spring season is also a reminder of the responsibility God gave us to take care of this beautiful world and the resources within. In the place that we live, we are to keep it in such a way that we can maintain the world well and work as the hands and feet of God through our concern for the world around us. Spring also teaches us about preparation and patience. It is the time where we will seed our garden and take care of the flowers and crops that we grow in patience and
much detailed care. It calls for us to protect it from harm (such as pesty squirrels, although they look adorable at times). Our patience is also tested by the uncertainty of the results that may
come, it can be discouraging, and it can be encouraging, but we must wait for it through the late summer to understand the result through the harvest. Life is like that, in whatever we do, spring is
a lesson that life belongs to God, our talents and wisdom belong to God as well as the resources within. We should move towards all parts of life with patience, it is much difficult to do so, I know, but we should encourage ourselves and one another of being patient in God’s time and not our time. God placed us in His time, and the plans He has for us should also remind us to wait for His timing.
College Ministry Bible Studies are going on and I encourage our youths to make use of this resource that is available to you. We are also planning a gender break Bible study and I ask our youths who want to participate in the gender break studies to give your names and email addresses to your respective youth secretaries of your parish.
We should remember India in our prayers as COVID cases are beyond human control. Let us pray for God’s healing and safety for all people in India as well as the world at large. Wishing everyone a blessed May and Spring season. Much love,
– Rev. Jess Mathew George