“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14.

We believe that children are God’s greatest gifts and that we have a responsibility to lead them to Jesus. Our belief has led us to organize the St. Johns Mar Thoma Sunday school – the cornerstone of our church.

St. John’s Mar Thoma Sunday School is part of the North East Region of the Mar Thoma Diocese of North America and Europe, which is affiliated with the Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam ofThiruvalla, Kerala, India. Presently, St. John’s Sunday School is blessed with 184 students and 34 teachers.

Sunday school begins with Praise and Worship every Sunday morning at 9AM. The Praise and Worship session includes songs of praise, a short sermon, and a prayer prior to the main worship service. Praise and Worship is conducted by our Sunday School students, and it continues to develop the talents and promote the active participation of all the children.

The Sunday School, which includes Nursery through 12th grade, explores the Bible and study how we can apply it to our lives today. Our teachers enlighten students with not only Biblical lessons but also instill in them the loving nature of our God. The curriculum also focuses on the history of the Mar Thoma Church and the meaning behind rituals we practice today. To help our students retain their Christian education, our dioceses holds an annual exam. In the 2013 year alone 51 of our students received Distinction on this exam with nine holding rank. The exam is not administered to those in 11th and 12th grade; rather, these classes focus more on Christian apologetics and theology to prepare them for the skeptical secular world.

Our efforts to teach our children about our savior do not stop in the classroom. During the summer, our Sunday School holds its annual weeklong Vacation Bible School (VBS) Program. The program consists of Sunday School graduates presenting the students the Bible through friendly discussion, games, arts and crafts, etc. Our senior students use this time to focus on community outreach through various means including serving senior citizens in the SNAP program.

Every fall, St John’s Mar Thoma Sunday School actively participates in the Regional Talent Festival. The Talent Festival prepares and encourages our children to develop their God given talents in singing, story-telling, elocution, bible-reading, and bible quiz. In 2013, we secured second place over all in the North East Regional Sunday School Talent Festival. Our Sunday School also participates regularly in church events such as the Family Night Program and Christmas Eve Program. We also actively participate in the Region-hosted World Sunday School Day and Ecumenical programs.

Through the dedication and prayers of its students, teachers and parents, St John’s Mar Thoma Church Sunday School is what it is today. We ask that you may continue to pray for the Sunday School, so that we may continue to reach for our mission to come to Jesus and bring every child to Jesus.


  • Superintendent
  • Mercy Babu H-516-538-2833 or C-516-859-5473
  • Nursery
  • Christine Thomas516-216-5051
  • Cifi Sajan 516-708-1657
  • Kindergarten
  • Sharon Varughese516-974-4823
  • Denson George516-474-9716
  • Primary Juniors, GR. 1
  • Ginsey George631-619-6869
  • Joash Mathew516-450-7301
  • Primary Juniors, GR. 2
  • Stefie Thomas347-401-2800
  • Ashley Jacob631-704-6800
  • Primary Juniors, GR. 3
  • Rachel Philip516-326-2629
  • Krupa Jacob516-209-1050
  • Primary Juniors, GR. 4
  • Rena Titus516-433-4540
  • Silvy Thomas917-868-7842
  • Primary Juniors, GR. 5
  • Joann Johnson516-343-7838
  • Stacey Mathew516-616-9446
  • Juniors, Grade 6
  • Athira John 718-807-7450
  • Jaisy Mathew 347-666-5505
  • Juniors, Grade 7
  • Teena Mathew 516-488-2629
  • Bently Joseph 516-643-4212
  • Juniors, Grade 8
  • Sherly Ninan 516-488-2574
  • Swithin Titus718-736-5084
  • Seniors, Grade 9
  • Abraham Abraham 347-720-5041
  • Anchi Mathews 516-469-1526
  • Seniors, Grade 10
  • Koruthu George 516-354-7552
  • Santhosh George 516-298-0901
  • Seniors, Grade 11
  • Mathew P. George516-742-3686
  • Charles Abraham718-551-1779
  • Seniors, Grade 12
  • Philip Varghese718-347-2709
  • Binu Chacko347-262-8211
  • Teachers Assistants
  • Reena Mathew516-784-3811
  • Augusta Sanu516-652-4899
  • Chrismal Abraham516-342-0889
  • Jins Moncy516-503-6019
    Office Bearers
    • PresidentRev. Mathew Varghese
    • SuperintendentMrs. Mercy Babu
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    Sunday School