Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ. Let us
thank God for all the ways and means through which we have received God’s blessings in
our life last month. First Sunday is to be observed as MarThoma Voluntary evangelistic Association
day. Parish mission is the unit of this organization at the parish level. Being the
members of Mar Thoma Church we all are called to be evangelists. Every Marthomite is an evangelist. The purpose of each person’s life is meant for the accomplishment of the divine mission. Usually it is very
difficult to be a witness in the place where are living. Edavaka mission’s role is to equip the people of God to radiate the light of divine purification to others. Mission is presence in Eastern Church. Our presence should communicate Christ to others. Second Sunday is the Sunday for the differently abled ones. They are special, talented and gifted people. Never consider them as somebody who needs more care
than learn to recognize their unique abilities. Let us remember the special people in our society and pray that the Lord God may grant us enough wisdom to reclaim the dignity of their life.
We shall observe the third Sunday as Yuvajana Sakhyam Sunday. Youths are the treasure of the present. The youths who are in Jesus Christ are the potential assets of the Church. Dynamic participation of
young generation in the church will make the church live and energetic. Walking according to the Word of God will give spiritual impulse to our young people to actively participate in the mission of the church. On Fourth Sunday the church is meditating upon the theme of Family. Family is the gift of God and it represents the replica of heaven in its miniature form. Genuine and selfless love among the members makes family heaven. Now ‘love’ become possessive and demanding. All the relationships in a Family is complementary. The parenting is an art. Through Christian parenting we are inculcating the fear of God there by wisdom to next generation. God fearing generation is the gift of
fruitful family life. Our parish convention will be held during the last week end of this month. I urge all parish members to kindly participate in the parish convention meetings prayerfully.

May God bless us.
With prayers,


With prayers,
– Rev. Mathew Varghese