Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us thank God Almighty for the blessed experience of this year’s family conference. We all received enough journey mercies. The Annual clergy conference as well as the Diocesan assembly went well by His Grace.
The Summer has arrived. We are enjoying summer. The plants are coming out with good green canopy after the hibernation time. The sprouts and the young leaves remind us the pulse of life. It gives hope to the times that life will leap forward by overcoming all unfavorable circumstances. We have moved on to various vacation plans like outings to enjoy the aesthetics of our habitat and other relevant sites in all over our state. Many of us are on their voyage to trace and replenish their ancestral roots and the vacation trips to India is this justified. May God guide and protect us in all our journeys and summer celebrations.
Contemplation of themes of various Sundays of this month will ensure our worship and fellowship more meaningful. Themes on this month gives us rejuvenating and replenishing thoughts. The major focus is on mission: what it is, whose mission and for whom the mission priorities are set. The church is for
mission i.e., Mission of God (Mission Dei). Church is apostolic in nature.

Church is send to the world by God with a purpose. Mission is not doing favor to needy or doing something in a rural remote area rather it is a real participation in the Divine plan for the well-being of all. The Christian presence itself is a mission to proclaim solidarity with the less fortunate
sections. Church is participating in God’s mission. Mission work is the genuine participation for the establishment of the kingdom of God and struggle against the life negating powers. When God created all things, God felt that all things are good. We also have to realize the goodness in the creation. When the created order moves away from the total plan of God, it hinders the well-being of entire created beings thereby shattering the divine plan. The divine presence is manifested in the entire creation of God. For this purpose, Church has to be reformed and renewed day by day. Here we acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit who is instrumental in the renewal of the Church. Church assumed it’s form as a movement looking up on Jesus in the initial moments. When the focus of the church’s mission is for the less privileged there the church fulfills its purpose of being A reformed assembly of faithful ones. One enters in to the total dynamics of the Church through the Holy Baptism. Through Baptism we
are incorporated in to the body of Christ, the Church. Over emphasis of the ritualistic proceedings undermine the meaning and purpose of Baptism. Through that we are Incorporated in to the pain and pathos our Lord has undertaken to bring the Father’s Kingdom on this Earth.ay the triune God help
us to understand the mission as witness which is indeed withness. Let us listen to the ‘God- spells’ to be the effective Gospel bears. May God Bless us all.

Rev. Mathew Varghese