Dearly beloved in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

God has enabled us to enter into the second month of the new year. The first Sunday of the month is to be observed as medical mission Sunday. Jesus has set apart a significant amount of his time for healing ministry in His earthly mission. That mission still continues through the mission hospitals of the church. But in the present time we can see degradation of the spirituality and leaders wants to be the healing performers or miracle performers. So they are organizing mass conventions to show their power than the power of God. Becoming channels of healing is the most important and Jesus should be the healer. The great lent begins on the second Sunday of this month. Lent is a time for renewal. Renewing experience is not incidental, but willingness to be renewed is essential. I remind you to observe the lent and to experience the transformation in our lives. It is our practice to limit our luxuries in our lives during the lent season and to contribute the same for charity. We are organizing Lenten service from 25th day of lent and I request your prayerful participation. Let us uphold the Maramon convention in our prayers as it begins on 11th February. I take this time to congratulate and thank the 2017 office bearers for their valuable service. I wish all success to the 2018 parish committee. May God bless you all.
With prayers
Issac Kurien Achen