Dearly beloved in Christ,

Easter Greetings to you. Easter promises the presence of resurrected Christ in the daily
life. God has enabled us to celebrate the പുതു ഞായർ (New Sunday) i.e. second
Sunday. By confronting with Thomas Christ challenges, us to eliminate the confusions
and doubts. On third Sunday church is meditating the incident of Peter’s restoration. On fourth Sunday church meditates Emmaus Journey. The image of disguised Christ challenges us to see his presence
in the world. I congratulate the last year Parish committee and I wish the best to the new office bearers and committee.
I am thankful to God and to Mar Thoma Church for enabling us to serve the Lord through St. John’s Mar Thoma church for the last 3 years. It was God’s plan for me to join the Silver Jubilee of the Parish in my first year. During my second year the Diocesan Senior Fellowship conference was conducted
in an admired way. In the third year the completion of parsonage and its dedication was held by the Metropolitan and the Diocesan Bishop.
It was a blessed time that we had here in New York. My family is joining me to express our sincere thanks to the parish for the love, care, support,friendship and fellowship from the day one to this moment. As a parish St.John’s is unique for its caring nature in the Western Hemisphere. May the
almighty bless all of you in the days to come. Our prayer will be with you and we request you to keep us in your prayers. Wishing a blessed ministry to Rev. Mathew Varghese and family. Church should witness Christ. Church should live in righteousness. Church should offer healing. May the almighty
bless the parish to be a witnessing community. Let us all live for the glory of God. Saying bye is painful but it is necessary.
With prayers,
Your Issac Achen

– Rev. Issac P. Kurien