Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings in the name of the Triune God, the Father,the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen.
By God’s Grace, we as a family could join the St.John’s Mar Thoma Church family on May 3rd. We
praise God for all the journey mercies. We are extremely grateful for the warm reception that we have
received. We express our sincere gratitude to all the office bearers, the executive committee members, the office bearers of the organizations and the beloved members of the church. May the Triune God enable us to be together to fulfil the tasks entrusted to us in these days. As per the Church Almanac, the first Sunday of this month is observed as Educational Sunday. The theme to be meditated is “Wisdom the Divine Gift”. In USA it is the time of academic year ending and we have to praise God for the divine protection and guidance that our children experienced throughout the year. As we ponder upon
the theme, we have to evaluate whether we are really led to the Divine Wisdom or a mere knowledge exercise. When knowledge and the allied experiences are submitted to the will of God, it will become wisdom. It is life giving and life nurturing. Second Sunday is observed as Environmental Sunday. As Gandhiji remarked once, “this earth has enough resources for every one’s needs but not our greed”. Let us assume our role as stewards to, “till and keep” so that our Lord sees everything good. We observe the Sleeha Nombu (Lent remembering the Apostles and their activities) during June 15-29. Church is the called-out community to be sent (Apostles). Shall we meditate the conversation between Jesus and Samaritan woman on third Sunday that we get inspiration to worship the Lord in spirit and truth transcending all boundaries. On the forth Sunday the Church calls our attention to the, ‘Cost of Discipleship’. Dietrich Bonhoeffer defines discipleship through his life. He says, “Discipleship is not an offer that man[hu] makes to Christ. When Christ calls a man [hu], He bids him come and die”. Discipleship is costly….and the cost is life itself. Let us ponder upon St. Mark:10:35-45 and understand how far we must travel to experience the real discipleship.
May the Triune God help us to imbibe divine wisdom to assume our role as stewards on the earth, worship the Creator transcending all boundaries and live a life worthy of His discipleship…

Rev. Mathew Varghese