Dearly beloved in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

We are happy that by the Grace of God, we could complete the construction of the parsonage. The dedi-cation will be held on 01st July 2017. The Episcopal visit will be held on 2nd July. It is joyful that 17 chil-dren are entering to the full communion of the church and praise God for the same.

First Sunday of the month is set apart as Tithe Sunday. Abraham made an oath before God that he will give tithe in all his blessings. It is between God and the people. Therefore, we should offer the tithe whole heartedly. It is our obligation and commitment to God. Another theme of the month is ordained min-istry. The role of a priest is building relationship. Hence it is said that `Pattakaran’ means bridge mak-er. I hope and pray that the ministry of priests be ef-fective and fruitful in the vineyard. Third Sunday will be observed as Edavaka Mission Sunday. Edavaka Mission reflects the life of the church in mission.

Regional Sunday School Junior Senior conference will be held on 6-9 July. The VBS will be held on July 17 – 21 and I request the parents to make sure that the children are attending the programs. This month we are planning to conduct the Parish picnic on 29th July. I request the members to participate in the pic-nic and to renew the fellowship. I request the new members to attend so that you will be introduced to other members.

Your Issac Achen