Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Gracious God has enabled us to
enter into one more Lenten year and to observe it faithfully. It is a time for us to experience the
presence of Christ in our lives. The theme for 2018 Lent is ‘Be with Him; Be Healers’. Therefore, spent time with Jesus. It is a time from being to becoming. I hope and pray that the holy spirit work in you to experience the power of transformation. We are meditating the meaning of Cross these days. Cross
put forward a new model for discipleship. Cross always challenges the status quo of the world. Cross reminds us about the total obedience. This obedience always requires surrender. Our Lord Jesus exemplified the meaning and depth of obedience. Holy Spirit is the wonderful counselor who always speaks to us inwardly. It is our choice to listen or not. But the time is limited for all to be learned. Cross always challenges us the possibility of unending life. It is a possibility for each one of us. World always offers a life of enjoyment. But the bubbles have short life. Cross demands certain things to have eternal life. May the God give us the strength to work for the renewal experience. Easter should be an experience than a celebration. Unless we observe lent, we have nothing to break on Easter. Hence I request you to prayerfully participate in Lent and celebrate the hope of Easter. .
With prayers

Issac Kurien Achen