Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus,

The summer season has begun. Schools are closing for the summer vacation after the completion of an academic year. I do congratulate those who graduated this year. Thank God for all the blessings and mercies which our generations experienced during last academic year.
God expects from us a life style of a true steward which is a transparent and faithful journey of life.
Pattern of offering in Old Testament is Tythe i.e., Offering of one tenth of wealth is mandatory for the smooth functioning of the temple. But the New Testament demands the complete giving of the whole life of a person as a mark of faith and submission.

July 3rd is observed as St. Thomas Day. The faith declaration of Apostle Thomas,“My Lord and my God” expresses his deep faith in the Lord. On 2nd Sunday the Church meditate up on the ordained ministry. Let us thankfully praise God for the blessed life of our clergy. Remember all priests in the world. They are ordained to identify with the wounds of Christ. On 3rd Sunday the church meditates up on the purpose
of our calling. The people of God are called to give taste, healing and blessing to the world like the salt and show paths as the light. In continuation with this mission on 4th Sunday we focus on the worth of the Sacrificial life to glorify the name of One who called us. On 5th Sunday the theme throws light on the importance of theological education. Most of the time we focus our spiritual endeavors only in psychological aspects of a person. We have to realize the totality of theological learning. Theology as God-talk we have to listen the voice of God from all the aspects of life.

The Annual diocesan Clergy conference, diocesan Assembly and the family conference will be held at Huston from July 3rd – 8th. Regional Sunday school Junior Senior Conference will be held from July 12th -15th in New York. VBS for the year will be conducted in our parish from July 16th – 20th. I request the parents to facilitate their children to attend these programs.

May the triune God shower all mercies and blessings upon us during the vacation time. Let us all submit ourselves to the mighty hands of Almighty to be a channel of blessing for others.

Rev. Mathew Varghese