Dearly beloved in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

I thank God Almighty for enabling me to greet you in the New Year. It is a time to rejoice with the Lord for His love and care. It is a time to look back to the yesteryear and realize the abundance of grace that we experienced. It is not by our merit, but by God’s grace we are here. What the future has kept for us is uncertain, but the one thing is certain that is the presence of God in us as `Immanuel’. Let us hold His mighty hand and move further in participating in the extension of the Kingdom of God.

It is a time to take resolutions to live with new enthusiasm. Let us take a resolution that our home will be a home with family prayer. As the world is facing different dimensions of vi-olence and quest for peace, let us work for peace and be the peace makers.

The first Sunday of the month to be observed as mission Sunday. Mission is a word with dif-ferent connotations. Either we are a missionary or we are a mission field. We have no option at this world either to survive or to live. Live for the glory of God, as that is what God in-tend about our lives. Second Sunday is observed as temperance day. Our God is a Holy God. Jesus said as he is Holy, be Holy. Holiness is a vir-tue. It is not to be imposed but to be accepted whole heartedly. Each day is an opportunity for us to refine our life and to live with holi-ness. Our body is the temple of God and Holy Spirit should reside in us. Let us live for the glory of God. I thank almighty for the parish and let us dedicate our life to work for Him with a renewed spirit.

With prayers
Issac Kurien Achen