Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Let us thank and praise God for the blessed life of Robert Raikse who started the
very movement ‘Sunday School’. As we all observe World Sunday School Day on
November first Sunday, we acknowledge that every child is a gift to us from God. They are
the heirs of kingdom of God (Psalm 127: 3 & Mt. 19:14). Sunday school aims at the

development of Christ centered and bible-oriented life style in each child. At the very occasion of World Sunday School day, let me congratulate our Sunday school teachers and students for their relentless effort for the learning and imbibing the word of God. May our generation and generation next become a blessing to the world by living through the word of God. The Church almanac focuses on the sanctification and renewal of the church (Kudosh Eetho) on this month. The credibility and holiness of
the Church is questioned in all the level in the contemporary world. The ‘One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church’ should turn back to her actual purpose of existences. Unpleasant precedence takes upper hand at several situations. Seeking the Kingdom values and living for the justice and peace takes secondary concern when individualism and self-boasting inculcate into our fabric as our motto. This will lead our fellowship to the standard of a social club rather than upholding the requirements of the Kingdom of God inaugurated through the very life and ministry of Jesus of Nazereth. Let us repent, introspect and live for the One who has shed His precious blood for us to have life in
abundance. We also observe the unity Sunday this month. Ecumenism is not only the good relationship of two denominations, but the vision of ‘all inhabited earth’ which is the harmony of the God’s creation also. We observe the annunciation to Zachariah and Mary for the advent of savior Jesus Christ during last two weeks of November. Within their limitations, they fulfilled their mission for the birth of the much-awaited Messiah. They experienced the overflowing grace in the midst of all
pain, pathos and discomfort. They stand as powerful human metaphors whose heritage makes the faith community live and dynamic. United State of America celebrates the Day of Thanksgiving with a
grateful heart in this month. Let us thank God for the providence and the fellowship that we experience in this land. On last Sunday we would like to elect our office bearers for the New Year. Let us pray to God Almighty to pour the power of the Holy Spirit that the faith community could elect humble, genuine and dynamic children of God who seek the Kingdom of God first. God bless you all.


With prayers,
– Rev. Mathew Varghese